Enjoy the Nasty Parts of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books at “You Chose Wrong”

Enjoy the Nasty Parts of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books at “You Chose Wrong”

The Retroist community’s love for Choose Your Own Adventure-style books is well-documented. I think one of the things I liked so much about them was how dark some of them could be. While most of the “fail state” pages let the reader (who was likely a kid) down pretty easily, some where outright morbid. You’re innocently exploring a jungle cavern with your best friend, when suddenly cannibals turn you into a human pincushion with poison arrows. After I finished one of these types of books, I usually made it a point to go back and see how many ways to die I had missed along the way. Perhaps it was a mixture of smug satisfaction at avoiding them and morbid curiosity.

(I know, I know. Why did do they keep letting me post on this site?)

Well, now that we’re grown-ups, we can get right to the “good” parts thanks to a new Tumblr called “You Chose Wrong.” It catalogs the most gruesome and weird deaths we put ourselves through as kids while reading CYOA-style books. So go check it out, and reassure me that I wasn’t the only weird kid who liked reading this stuff.


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