Why I Love Friday the 13th (The Movies, Not The Day)
Muffin’s reveal at the end of Part 2 is just too cute for words.

Why I Love Friday the 13th (The Movies, Not The Day)

My plans for the last Friday the 13th didn’t work out so well. I wanted to read Crystal Lake Memories and do a Friday the 13th marathon, but Amazon didn’t put out the Kindle edition of CLM until 8 PM, there were only the first two Ft13ths on Netflix Instant Watch, and I fell asleep in the first half of the second one.

This Friday the 13th, things will go differently. My wife is out of town with the baby, so I can stay up in the PM without worrying about getting woken up in the AM, and nearly all the Ft13ths are on Instant Watch. I have so many Ft13ths to watch, in fact, that I have to start the marathon Thursday night.

As I go through the marathon, I realize something I didn’t as a kid. The Friday the 13th movies are bad. Even the good ones are bad. The dialogue in the first one? The low production values? The 3-D? Shelly? The fact that not nearly as much happens as you think happens? Yeah, they are admittedly not that great.

Still, there are tons of things I love about them. Here, in no particular order, are a few of those things.

Ki-ki-ki Ma-ma-ma

(I tried so hard to emulate this as a kid and coulod never get it right.)

White Outs After Kills
(These white outs made it seem like the person wasn’t just killed but condemned. It adds gravity to the movie and still creeps me out today.)


Muffin’s reveal at the end of Part 2 is just too cute for words.

Disco Ft13th

(Want a great theme to be even greater? Make it disco.)

Crazy Ralph

(Hot Pink Heather’s favorite character.)

Jason’s Many Faces
(Though production worked hard to maintain continuity with the mask, they overlooked the face. Kane Hodder mentioned this in the documentary His Name Was Jason.)

Slow Motion
(Like the white out, the slow mo just added some gravity to the movie.)

Most of all, though, I loved the mythology, the way end movie relates to the ones before. I don’t know how much thought the producers put into the mythology. I’m not even sure how much thought they had to put into it in the pre-home video days. But they created one anyway, and it was law to my grade school friends and I. This mythology was engrained in us, especially when we’d watch a movie every night on WUAB’s Friday the 13th week, and we would argue it in hushed tones, each trying to prove how much he knew about Jason’s deaths and resurrections.

Maybe these are all nostalgic, and maybe they are small. But they are why I love Friday the 13th.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. When I was young I was very scared of Jason and would devise escape routes in our house to use if he showed up.

    The movies are quite fun in a way that the Freddy and “Halloween” movies weren’t.

  2. This looks awesome,like an arcade an early 90’s beat’em up.

  3. Ooops! That last comment was posted wrong (should be at the GI Joe game post).

  4. So how many movies did you make it through this time? I have often wanted to do the same thing but usually end up watching only a couple. I have them all on dvd. 2 years ago I had the honor of playing Jason in a charity haunted house and had a blast!

  5. I had to start Thursday night. I watched the remaining part of 2 and all of 3 & 4 Thurs night, then 6 & 8 Friday night. It was cool. We can do it again 13 weeks from now.

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