The Dark Knight Rises VHS Cover

Here is another gem from Sean Hartter that takes the upcoming Batman films and gives it the VHS release we have all been craving. I worked in a Video store for many years in the 80s and 90s and I have to say, I could see this being on the shelf. Perhaps being fought over by two families or stolen by teenagers who think the movie is in the empty box.


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9 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises VHS Cover

  1. You worked in a video store, I worked in a movie theatre. Our lives parallel yet AGAIN!

    Sean, great work on this. I probably won’t wait until the movie comes out on VHS, though.

  2. Matt Stilwell says:

    Why aren’t any of these last few articles showing up when i view the site ?

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Ah! The absolute joy felt as you walked up to the shelf and saw that new release up there, saying “Here I am. Take me home, tonight.”

    And indeed, the pleasure of grabbing it mere seconds before some other family walked in, asked the clerk who’d say he just put it up there. Oh, it seems someone took it.

    The powerless resolve of that kid trying to spot the missing video, as you clutched it backwards, ambling about teasingly as you peered at some obscure titles in the drama section, or hurried to the counter before things got messy.

    And what? No, I returned my last tape *before* 6 pm last week, there *is* no late fee.
    (waves hand, Force-like)

    The 80s weren’t just pastel-overload and hair bombs, they were VHS-riffic.

  4. Sean, just another beautiful piece of art, friend! I think those WB Shields are a fantastic touch on the side and back of the VHS box. :)

  5. Dar says:

    Wouldn’t there be a “Dark Knight Rises” somewhere due to vhs tape still being primarily used in the Third World?

    I’m sure Warner bros.rerleased it as a vhs tape there.

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