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The New Twilight Zone – The Elevator (1986)

As I’ve stated in previous posts regarding the New Twilight Zone series that ran on CBS back in 1985, I found it too dark for my tastes, at least for a series with the Twilight Zone title. Please don’t think I hated it or anything that severe it was just even as a kid I was an absolute nut for anything regarding the original Rod Serling legendary TV series and I found the New Twilight Zone to be lacking.

There were however a handful of episodes from the 1985 series that stuck in my mind through these many years and today’s offering submitted for your approval just happens to be one of them. Written by the late and great Ray Bradbury and starring Robert Prescott (Bachelor Party) and Stephen Geoffrey (Fright Night), the latter seriously channeling his ‘Evil Ed’ character from Fright Night. The Elevator is a short (clocking in at a little over 11 minutes) but creepy little story that originally aired on January 31, 1986.
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