Stomper FunX4s were the Ultimate Tiny 4×4 Toy

How many of you remember these toys? They were small motorized trucks that ran on a single AA battery. Strictly speaking, they couldn’t do much, just go in a straight(ish) line, they didn’t have any kind of steering or remote control of any sort. In a child’s imagination though, they could conquer the world! They could crawl over any (small) obstacle placed in their path, pencils & small rocks being the most commonly used ones.

These little trucks were the most fun though when you got the track sets to use them on. The track sets included hills to climb, bridges to cross, 90 degree corners to turn, and 360 degree turn-around pieces. The tracks had high sides to keep the Stompers on the right path, and the 360 turns had a plastic flap to make sure trucks only went in one way (although this created a very narrow passage, which often caused the trucks to get stuck if they didn’t go in at the right angle, or were off-brand ones which were too wide).

I don’t remember precisely when I got my first Stompers, but it was somewhere around the age of 4-6. At about the same time, I also got a short set of track with a hill & a 360 turn:

I had a great deal of fun with this track, but it had one crucial flaw: The track at the back of the ramp would drop down at too steep an angle for the trucks to handle. You always had to find something to prop the track up on & fiddle around until you got a useable slope out of it.

Several years later I got this larger track set, which included 2 ramps, 2 90 degree corners, 2 360 degree turns, and a bridge piece to connect the two ramps. It was fun to let several Stompers loose on the track at once and just watch them go. They would actually stay on the proper side of the track pretty well, only requiring minimal intervention to keep things in motion.

Early models were very basic, just an on/off switch. Later models added a second speed, and headlights. They also came with two sets of tires, one set was fairly stiff rubber, intended for outdoor use, while the other was lightweight foam, intended for indoor use. I could never see the point in the foam tires though, and always just used the rubber ones.

They also had offshoot lines, including construction vehicles, motorcycles, jumbo versions, land/sea versions, and others (including truck pull sets).

The product changed hands numerous times over the years, sometimes changing names in the process (which adds confusion, since there were also competing products produced by unrelated companies & sold alongside the official ones). Stompers are currently being produced by Tinco Toys.

I leave you with this vintage commercial:


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