Chuck E. Cheese Receives a Make Over

Chuck E. Cheese Receives a Make Over

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’ll remember that Chuck E. Cheese once looked like this:

The earliest version of Chuck E. Cheese can be identified by his red and yellow color scheme, and his “rat-like” facial features including the elongated snout. There are several different versions of the early “Chuck,” but they all pretty much look like this.

In the mid-90s, Chuck received his first big makeover. His trademark derby was replaced with a baseball cap, and his red and yellow color scheme was updated to a funkier purple and green. The 90s were a very funky time. For all the things this version of Chuck E. Cheese gained, he lost at least one thing — his tail. (Some early versions of Chuck E. Cheese also had a cigar; he lost that, too.)

This version of Chuck E. Cheese has been in use from the mid-90s until this month (July, 2012), when the restaurant (in response to sliding restaurant sales) introduced a newer, even more hip version of “the Chuckster.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you “Gen 3” Chuck E. Cheese.

Well now.

As you can see, the hat’s completely gone now. While the first generation Chuck E. Cheese was often shown sporting a cane, this one’s rocking a Gibson guitar. In a coolness battle between walking canes and guitars, I guess I would go with the guitar. The purple and green color scheme is still there on the shirt. I don’t remember what kind of shoes Chuck originally wore (I’m pretty sure he’s barefoot in some of the collectibles I own), but now he’s rockin’ a pair of red Converse shoes. Oh, and the tail’s back.

Chuck E. Cheese’s latest makeover comes along with a voice change. The new Chuck is voiced by Jaret Reddick, lead singer of the band Bowling for Soup. Reddick has already lent his voice to one Chuck E. Cheese song (“Chuck’s Hot New Single”), so maybe along with pizza and video games, Chuck will make his way onto the pop charts as well.

For a bit more information about the origins of the Chuck E. Cheese character, check out the history over at

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  1. Well, it’s official. I’m old and set in my ways, andI think that Generation 3 Chuck E. is just dreadful. His expression makes him look malevolent.

    Yes, I’ve turned into THAT guy.

  2. I’m with you, Rich. He looks more like Stuart Little to me at this point.

    Bring back Fatz Geronimo.

  3. Yep. I’m old too. When you move from a bowler hat, vest and bow tie to an electric guitar and Converses you know a long time has passed.

    Does the restaurant even have arcade games anymore? I’m sure most of the games are the prize ones like skeeball or the claw games.

  4. Ya know, for a long time now I thought the current mascot didn’t look “right”, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what he used to look like.
    I can see them getting rid of the bowler & vest as being too old fashioned, but I wonder at the change from orange/red to purple/green.
    (btw, Another thing he lost from the 80s to the 90s is the whiskers, which they oddly decided to give him back in the newest one.)

    The new one definitely does look like stuart little, I wouldn’t be surprised if some copyright case pops up because of it. I’m not too bothered by it though, at least they didn’t make him some friggin rapper.
    One thing I wonder though is how they’ll put that on signs & t-shirts.

    I’ve never actually been to a chuck e cheese myself, by the time we finally moved to an area that had one, I was far too old for them.

  5. When people saw the 90s update to Chuck E. Cheese, they could still tell who he was. Show the 2012 update to somebody without telling them who it is and I’ll bet they won’t realize who it is supposed to be.

    Maybe the folks at Chuck E. Cheese were inspired by this:

  6. As InfomercialReviewer wrote, this new one is a bigger departure than the second from the first.

    He’s just not as “cartoonish” as the previous two.

  7. Six Million Dollar Jedi, the Chuck E. Cheese in my neck of the woods or at least the closest to me has one or two arcade games but mostly ticket games.

    Flack, I hear ya. Bring back all of the Rock-A-Fire Explosion gang. Now.

  8. As long as they still have Whack-A-Mole. That’s a Chuck E. Cheese staple.

  9. Sadly they do not, friend. :(

  10. I cannot help but think of “Poochie” from that great Simpsons episode, when I see this “Next Gen” Chuck E Cheese. He just needs some shades and a skateboard. As “Itchy” would say, “He’s SO in My face!”

  11. HOLD ON! Did you say no Whack-a-Mole?

    ****. I’m glad that I don’t plan on having kids. I wouldn’t want them to grow up in a Whack-a-Mole-less world.

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