Get Your Rip-Snortin’ Chopcycles

Not just rip-snortin’, but 3-wheeled, Goose Pump Powered, chrome engined, sizzlers-powered, raging machines with fat traction-grabbin’ slicks! This ad campaign was written by the Shakespeare of redneck adjectives and I love it!!

I hope whoever wrote this is now getting paid millions at some ad company. Maybe writing ads for Coca-Cola?

Drink Coke. It’s aluminum-sheathed, sugar-saturated, caffeine-fueled, dazzle-canned Go-Juice!


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2 thoughts on “Get Your Rip-Snortin’ Chopcycles

  1. plcary says:

    Love it! I remember ripping the paper off a big box on Christmas morning to find the Chopcycles Hairy Hurdles racing set. One of the best gifts I would ever receive. Found the same boxed set at a vintage toy shop recently but had to leave it and the $275 price tag behind.

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