Classic Ads from the September 16, 1978 Issue of TV Guide

Recently I found a stack of musty old TV guides and brought them home. I miss the old format, the digest size which hasn’t been around now for several years. So I thought I would share a few of the best ads found inside this issue from the week of September 16, 1978. First we have the cover, featuring a brand new show called Battlestar Galactica.

Next is an advertisement for the world tv premiere of the movie King Kong!

How about the cool Saturday morning cartoon ads like this one.

I love those old school disaster films and was always glued to the set for offerings like this!

And finally, an advertisement for some new fangled tv game from a company named Atari.


I love retro toys, television, movies and just about anything from the 70s and 80s.I frequent flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and auctions hoping to nab my next pop culture trophy.

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6 thoughts on “Classic Ads from the September 16, 1978 Issue of TV Guide

  1. Rich Gott says:

    These are are terrific scans. I’d buy a (legitimate) digital collection of TV guide in a skinny minute. My favorite TV Guide freelance “artist” is Jack Davis.

    I have a small set of them that my wife is framing for my cubicle at work. Here’s a link to all of his illustrations:

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Thanks for the memories, plcary!

    Seeing movie poster ads in TV Guides was the best way to feel the cinema coming into our homes.
    Pop that corn, the movie’s about to start!

    And living room viewings were fun when folks dropped in and, either you’d spend two hours shushing disinterested talkers, or everybody had a grand old time at the movies.

    And I totally grok that Atari ad.
    A sixer! Just like my own.

    And to top it off, Rich’s link to a plethora of Jack Davis TVG art just made my week (and my desktop background).

    I’d buy a digitalized TV Guide collection in that same minute.

  3. Great post, Plcary! I can remember sitting at the living room table looking at those ads for upcoming first run films to hit TV. Most of them I would have seen at the Drive-In or the theater but for things like Airport ’77 it would be my first chance to watch it. Awesome memories…and like Rich and Atari have mentioned, I’d be tempted to buy a digital TV guide art collection.

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