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Easter Island Tissue Dispenser

My Mom finds some weird things at garage sales for me. A couple of weeks ago, she found this — an Easter Island tissue dispenser. The box itself is metal, with a pseudo-stone face attached to the front of it. The back side contains an elastic strap that will keep it affixed to a box of tissues. The perfectly aligned hole allows those with allergies or the sniffles to obtain a tissue through the statue’s nose.

If you aren’t familiar with Easter Island and its 887 “moai” monuments, Leonard Nimoy would be glad to tell you all about it on this episode of “In Search Of …”. Below is a link to Part 1 of 3 of the episode on YouTube.

Watching those old episodes of “In Search Of” brings a tear to my eye. If only I had a tissue nearby. Oh, wait …

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4 thoughts on “Easter Island Tissue Dispenser

  1. Oh, wow! Based on the look and feel of the thing, I thought it was much older than that. One thing I agree with is the claim on that Amazon link that it’s a “definite conversation starter.” It certainly has been for me, starting with my wife (“That’s not staying in this house, is it?”) followed by my co-workers (“What on Earth is that thing?”)

  2. mwentworth says:

    ME WANT! I have always loved easter island heads, I love it when they randomly appear in pop culture. I remember opening a treasure box in Solar Jetman for the NES – “contains easter island head”. I also was totally amped when I found out the folks in Japan got other versions of the Micronauts Pharoid figure, including one who came in an Easter Island case:

  3. Pretty cool but pretty gross that the tissue is coming out of its nose . Having it coming out of its mouth might be better…or not. I don’t know.

    My immediate reaction to seeing the tissue box was: “Hey dum dum, you got gum gum?”. :D

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