Call 777-FILM – 1990 Moviefone Advert Card

Call 777-FILM – 1990 Moviefone Advert Card

I was cleaning out an old wallet I found in my junk drawer and found this old handout for Moviefone I got when I was still back in New York. This cards is now 22 years old so its in pretty rough shape. I am not sure why I kept it. Did I really need to write down 777-FILM to remember it? It’s not like they were trying to keep it a secret.

These cards used to show up everywhere — tagged to pay phones (yes pay phones), given with your movie ticket and just handed out everywhere. I am pretty sure Mr. Moviefone used to fly a helicopter over Manhattan and drop these things taped to silver dollars every weekend.

Front Side

Back Side

I love the claim “NO more fumbling through newspapers.” It sounds as quaint as using a dirty disease covered pay phone to dial 777-FILM.

Here is a great bit of comedy involving Moviefone that took place on the classic TV show “Seinfeld”.

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