Pooyan Arcade Flyer (1982)

Over on the Retroist Forums, Pooyan has been selected as the MAME Game of the Week. Pooyan could originally be found in the wilds of the Arcades in 1982, manufactured by Stern Electronics but licensed by Konami. The game had you taking on the role of the ‘Mama Pig’ using a bow and arrow to defend her home against vicious and hungry wolves intent on capturing Pooyan (piglets) and carrying them off…where they will most certainly become pork chops…and bacon.

The Mama Pig is lifted in a type of elevator that can ascend and descend while trying to stop the various wolves as depending on the stage they too either ascend or descend by balloon. Luckily besides the bow and arrows you have some meat ‘treats’ at your disposal that you can throw and whatever wold it touches plummets to its death, though you will have to wait a bit until the next ‘treat’ appears, so you need to use it wisely.

Thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for these scans you see below.


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