Toyko Toy Store

Toyko Toy Store

In Oklahoma City’s Quail Springs Mall (the mall closest to my house) sits a wonderful little store named Toyko. I have been incorrectly referring to this store as “Tokyo” for the past few months — with its red circular logo on top of a white background, I suspect I’m not the first person to mistakenly do so.

Once you visit the place, you’ll see where the “toy” in Toyco comes from. Half the store is filled with science fiction action figures. If you’re looking for Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, or other fantasy-related toys, Toyco is your place.

The rest of the store is an eclectic conglomeration of odds and ends one might find on ThinkGeek, Japanese-related clothing and collectibles, and other random 80s-related items. There’s even some video game related items, like this Donkey Kong themed version of Jenga I spotted.

Toyco also has an excellent selection of bobblehead figures. I don’t know that I’ve ever typed that sentence before. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before, either:

Somehow this time, I escaped the store without spending any money (although I did add several items to my birthday wish list — only two months away!). Outside the store I snapped a picture of my daughter next to a giant Gizmo and a giant Wonka Bar pillow.

My question to you, good readers, is what would happen in that store at night if Gizmo happens to eat that Wonka Bar after midnight?

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  1. Flack, we’ve got to set a day in the week or something where I can come visit and you might be able to show me around all of these cool places you keep finding. By the way, if Gizmo ate that Wonka bat after Midnight….we would all be screeeeeeeeeeewed. ;)

  2. Anytime you’re going to be in town, let me know! If it’s on a weekend day, I will take you to every antique mall, thrift store, and arcade I know of!

  3. Flack, that sounds like a plan. I’ll just have to find someway to get a vacation…it will be done though! :)

  4. That alien Wacky Wobbler is a dead ringer for Morbo on Futurama.

  5. “Morbo will destroy the makers of this Wacky Wobbler for copyright infringement!” ;)

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