Jet Fighter by Atari

The NW Pinball and Arcade Show went really well this year I still haven’t heard anything official but it appeared even busier than last year. I also got to meet mwentworth there. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hang out too long but it was nice to meet him and his son. Now that my games are all home and back in their spots I thought I get back to writing about them.

Jet Fighter was released in October of 1975 under both the Atari name and under its subsidiary Kee Games. The game can be played single player with a game controlled opponent, which was pretty uncommon for games at the time, or you can play against someone in a two player game. The game is housed in an upright cabinet with a removable marquee. The thought was that removing the marquee made it a little classier and would in turn fit into more locations. I have read documentation stating there was also a cocktail version of the game made a couple months later but I have never seen nor heard of an actual example of it so I don’t know for certain if it ever came to be. The joysticks on the game kind of resemble an old style flight stick with a red firing button on top.

The objective in this game is to fire as many shells as you can into the opponent’s plane, while at the same time maneuvering your own plane to avoid being hit yourself. Your plane can only fire one shell at a time and the shell explodes after it hits a plane for which you receive a point or after it travels about ¾ of the screen. If a plane is hit it will flash, spin around for a couple seconds then fly off in some random direction. The screen wraps around so if a bullet or plane flies off the screen it will appear on the other side. This is a timed game and ends when the game timer elapses and the player with the most points wins.

I really like the way the planes move and react to the controls also the jet engine sound effects are quite good in my opinion. I really hope that both of these come through in the video.

Jet Fighter is another one that will be hard to find out there unfortunately. It did not use a microprocessor so it is not found in MAME or other emulators. There was a port of the game included on the Combat cartridge for the Atari VCS/2600. The game play is not as smooth as the arcade but it is still a lot of fun to play.


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