Steven Spielberg in Jaws

More HD Clips from the Upcoming Blu-Ray Release of Jaws

Steven Spielberg in Jaws

Jaws on Blu-Ray is a reality this summer. I already pre-ordered by my copy and I am very excited to see how the restored HD version of the film turns out. You can get a good idea of what I will be getting though because this week the studio released two new clips of restored scenes for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

You can also enjoy this slightly more adult HD clip over on YouTube.


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5 thoughts on “More HD Clips from the Upcoming Blu-Ray Release of Jaws

  1. Not that might have been a first for the site. When I grabbed the vidz I was writing the post from a much smaller screen and it looked to me like things were pretty well obscured.

    Oh boy was I wrong!

    I moved it to a link. This does show just how HD this release if going to be though.

  2. I wondered about that. I also wonder why YouTube videos always tend to have as their thumbnails the one most salacious frame of the entire video. I watched that video and I never even saw that frame, yet YouTube was stopped right on it. It is that way with dozens of YT videos. This can’t be accidental.

  3. When I upload vidz it seems to only pick the most boring frame. Twice is grabbed the fade to black frames as thumbnails. I might need to add some nudity to my videos and see if that helps. At the very least they would probably get more views.

  4. Drahken says:

    Apparently youtube “partners” can choose any thumbnail they want. Non “partners” ca apparently choose one of 3 that youtube grabs from the given video. There are a lot of sites & videos with tips on how to choose your own image, even without being a “partner”. It seems to boil down to sticking an image in at the 1/4, 1/2, and/or 3/4 marks in your video.

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