1960 boy scout handbook

1960 Boy Scout Handbook

1960 boy scout handbook

Aaron S. Wilson’s (retrochief) impressive photostream continues to grow. One of the many gems he has posted is a partial scan of the 1960 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook (link removed — handbook was taken down). While I was never a member of this storied organization, I did own an old copy of their handbook and would reference it often as a young boy.

It might only be partial, but I am sure you can mine some from wisdom from this scan or at least appreciate the design of the book.


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3 thoughts on “1960 Boy Scout Handbook

  1. Drahken says:

    I was in scouts when I was a kid. Total waste of time. Not once did we ever go camping, hiking, tying knots, or anything else scout-ish. I don’t know if it’s because we couldn’t get any male den leaders or if guys would have been just as useless. (The one fat, lazy hag did nothing but have us carry in firewood for her each meeting. Not just enough for the meeting, but enough to last her until the next one.)

    I did have an old copy of one of the handbooks though, in addition to a (then) current copy.

    btw, That link is 404, it looks like he took the photos back down or something.

  2. Rich Gott says:

    We watched a lot of He-Man during my Cub Scout meetings. I didn’t stayed aboard for the Boy Scouts.

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