Star Wars Chess (1993)

Star Wars Chess (1993)

Star Wars Chess, released in 1993 by Software Toolworks for both the IBM PC and the Sega CD, was one of many chess games to rip off the gameplay style of Battle Chess, by Interplay. Like Battle Chess, Star Wars Chess is a real chess game that uses replaces traditional chess board pieces with characters from the Star Wars universe.

As you can see in this video (uploaded to YouTube by Napostriouf), as each piece is taken (killed), a humorous animation is played. Although the animations aren’t too bad, some of the voice acting is downright terrible. It wouldn’t surprise me if the programmers simply played rock-paper-scissors to determine who got to do the voices.

Goofy voices and long loading times aside, Star Wars Chess uses the same engine as Software Toolworks’ Chessmaster, and as such, plays a decent game of chess.

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  1. Those voices are hilarious. Wow — the slow animation of Yoda walking; I would reluctant to ever send my “rook” all the way across the board.

    jrbooth — That is a terrific blog post.

  2. LMAO, I don’t know which is funnier, the idea of vader being a queen, or the way he kick’s c3po’s head.

    The battle animation is cool, but the fact that it takes so long to clear the board & then replace the pieces before/after would get very annoying very fast. The piece movement animation is extremely slow & tedious, especially yoda. I don’t think this is a game that I would ever wind up playing for long, not unless it had a speed boost or something.

  3. @jrbooth: That’s awesome! I would love to own some (or even one) of those! I don’t know why I am surprised that they drew them out on paper first, I never would have thought of that.

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