You're Only Human Music Video

Billy Joel – You’re Only Human Music Video with Mythbusters’ Adam Savage (1985)

The You’re Only Human Music Video was the first Billy Joel video that I can remember seeing in my youth, it was also when I realized I was a fan of his music. It was a memorable song and the video was great, but since it was 1985, I, of course, did not recognize a future TV star in it.

You’re Only Human was written by Joel expressly for the purpose of teenage suicide prevention. He once attempted suicide himself and after writing the original draft felt it was too much of a downer. So he changed the song entirely to point out the good things that happen. Koping teenagers might learn personal forgiveness and optimism.

Billy Joel donated all the royalties to this song to the National Committee for Youth Suicide Prevention.

Watch the You’re Only Human Music Video

So remember what I mentioned above about a future TV star? This is a real fun bit of trivia for you. The drowning friend of the young man Billy Joel is trying to stop from committing suicide? That is none other than Adam Savage from Mythbusters! As you can see, Adam always had the charisma and gravitas that would eventually make him famous. He was just working in the wrong genre back in 1985.


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