How to Win at Nintendo Games

Back when I was a kid, there was no Internet to help you figure out how to beat video games. No, back in my day, you had to either glean that information from other kids, or from books.

Jeff Rovin’s popular series of books, “How to Win at Nintendo Games,” helped struggling gamers like myself master NES games from Arkanoid to ZANAC — and then some. Each book covers between 25 and 30 games, and offers strategy and training tips for each one. There were four books in this particular series, but I currently only own the first three.

Jeff Rovin wrote dozens of game-related books, and lots of other books too. You can check out his bibliography here on Wikipedia. Along with dozens of video game books, trivia books, joke books, biographies, novels and non-fiction books, Rovin was also an assistant editor and writer for DC Comics, and the editor-in-chief of the Weekly World News.

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