Oklahoma Video Game Expo 2012 Recap

The Oklahoma Video Game Expo of 2012 has come and gone. If you weren’t in Tulsa, Oklahoma last Saturday, you missed out on one heck of an awesome gaming convention. This year’s show had just over 40 tables available, and all of them were occupied. That translates to around 3,000 square foot of space that looked like this:

At each year’s show I try to do a “themed” table. This year’s table (since I’m from Oklahoma and all) was dedicated to the Oklahoma City Thunder. At my table I had three retro systems going, each one running old school basketball games. On the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) I had Double Dribble; for the PlayStation, I had NBA Showtime; and, for the Commodore 64, we had several games available, including Street Sports Basketball and One on One.

Pretty much any system imaginable was on hand, either to play or to buy. Fellow retrogamer Brandon Staggs had a wall of Star Trek games up and running for people to play, on everything from the Atari 2600 to the Vectrex and various Nintendo systems.

If you like your games bigger than that, the show also had several privately owned pinball machines and arcade games that people brought to show and set up on free play.

In my opinion, the 2012 OVGE was one of the best shows yet, and with next year marking the 10th anniversary of the show, you can bet it will be the biggest one yet!

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