A Spokesrabbit Conflicted – Nestle Quick vs. the Atari 2600

Boy do I love Quick. As a kid we always had Quick in our house and now that I am an adult nothing has changed. Except of course the name and the container. Sure I miss the old metal container, but I got over it. And while Nesquick doesn’t roll off the tongue it still tastes great on the tongue.

On to the commercial…Back in the 1980s it was very common to throw an Atari 2600 into a commercial or to make it part of a contest in order to entice the kids. It worked on me. I drank Quick and played Atari from dusk to dawn for many years. It turns out the Quick Bunny and me go more in common then I thought.

If their is one thing that Quick Bunny likes more then chocolate milk, its Space Invaders. Which seems weird for a spokesrabbit. Who knew…


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