Paddington Bear – A Bear In Hot Water (1975)

Animator Barry Leith with Paddington at FilmFair studios (1982)
[Picture Via] Animator Mag – Blog

In my youth I found myself frequently ill and besides missing school and playing the Atari 2600 all afternoon what I really enjoyed was that I could watch quite a bit of Paddington Bear on Nickelodeon’s Pinwheel. The Stop-Motion shorts were produced for BBC television back in 1975 by Michael Bond and the London-based animation company FilmFair. Animator Ivor Wood is responsible for the episode you see below.

[Via] The Paddington Bear Toons YouTube Channel

Make sure to visit the fantastic Animator Mag-Blog to learn more about the history of this fantastic TV series.


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One thought on “Paddington Bear – A Bear In Hot Water (1975)

  1. Drahken says:

    I loved that paddington series when I was a kid. They played it on pinwheel, but also on romper room, and other such shows.

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