View-Master Classic Tales: Dracula (1976)

View-Master Classic Tales: Dracula (1976)

Thanks to everyone for the great comments from the View-Master Post yesterday. I noticed that there was more than one request to see more from the fantastic Dracula View-Master Reels. Thanks to View-Master World you can now see all of the ‘Frames’ as well as read the story that was included in the booklet back in 1976. Below are a few select ‘Frames’ and text from the set!

Scene A2 -“May the Silver Cross Protect You!”

“Our coach was ready. We boarded as evening came. At the last moment, Van Helsing rushed to the carriage. “Here, Mr. Harker. Take this silver cross! It will protect you!” The coach sprang forward. Father held the cross. From above came the red-eyed glare of the hooded driver. No other passengers. This was the coach to COUNT DRACULA’S castle!”

Scene B1 – “Dracula Casts No Reflection in a Mirror!”

” Our bedroom—strange! Spiders, tangled webs. Rats scurried from the lamplight. No paintings or mirrors. Dracula wished us to sleep. He spoke to Father by the open balcony. I unpacked Father’s shaving mirror, looked into the glass.

It seemed Father stood there alone. Dracula cast no reflection!”

Scene C5 – “Daybreak Weakens Dracula.”

“Dracula sprang! His fangs inches from us when … light from coming day passed through the window … struck the cross! Rays began to fall on Dracula himself. The vampire shrank back, his cries of pain horrible. Robbed of strength, staggering, the Count struggled back to his coffin, flung himself within ..! “NOW!” Van Helsing shouted. He seized the wooden hammer he had taken with him. Dracula lay weak and still in his coffin.”

A big thanks again to View-Master World for posting this, make sure to visit the link up top to see this View-Master Classic Tale in its entirety!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Vic, this made my day!

  2. The figures and sets are beautiful. Any idea who made them?

  3. The shaving mirror in the second picture kind of looks like a tablet. the View-Master World site is a valuable bookmark. Thanks!

  4. I had forgotten how elaborate some of these Viewmaster slides were. Never had this one though – thanks for sharing it!

  5. Hee!
    Thanks Vic.

  6. Thanks everyone, very kind. I’m just glad that View-Master World was nice enough to upload it for us all to enjoy. :)

    Drahken, I’m not aware of a negative/transparency scanner…is this something I can pick up for a relatively affordable price? I have a ton of View-Master reels that I would like to share with everyone from my own collection.

  7. Wow. This really blew my mind. I used to have this Dracula set and I would literally spend hours marveling at the figures wondering how they were made and how small they might have been. I was just fascinated by miniatures as a kid. Rankin Bass style!

    Thanks for sharing Vic.

  8. If you want a full HD view of these reels it is on YouTube as “View-Master Dracula”. You can even view them in 3D if you wish, or in just full color. The original scans in 4k have slightly more visible detail than I could shoehorn onto YouTube.

  9. John, that is absolutely awesome! Thank you very much for sharing that with us on YouTube and giving us the heads up on it…now I need to go dig up my 3-D glasses when I get home. :)

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