These Vintage View-Master Frames are Works Of Art!

Thanks to Flack’s Awesome Star Trek View-Master Reel post yesterday I began to search through Flickr to see if I could possibly find any ‘Frames’ from View-Master reels, I hit the jackpot with the photo set by Scrubbles.

There are 48 beautiful ‘Frames’ in the set like this one from the Dracula View-Master Reel Packet from back in 1976.

Dracula Viewmaster Scene

How about this one from 1959 featuring Donald Duck with Chip and Dale from ‘Chip and Dale in Flying Saucer Pilots’?

Chip 'n Dale Viewmaster Scene

This is my favorite one. Linus and Snoopy from ‘Charlie Brown’s Summer Fun’ which was released in 1972. Linus…what have you done?!

Peanuts Viewmaster Scene 3


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13 thoughts on “These Vintage View-Master Frames are Works Of Art!

  1. Rich Gott says:

    Those are really, really neat. I wish there was a way to see them online in 3-D.

  2. RetroArt says:

    Finally! I always wanted to digitize these; I’m glad that someone’s done it for me! :)
    They’re a forgotten art- due their rediscovery and celebration!

  3. Drahken says:

    If you have scans of both the left & right images, it is possible to view them in 3d on computers, nintendo 3ds, some cameras, and other devices. There are 2 different formats based on the jpeg format, which produce stereoscopic images. Of course, in order to get the 3d effect, you have to have a device with a special screen, or 3d glasses, or something. One format is “JPEG Stereoscopic” the other is “JPEG Multi-Picture Format”.

  4. plcary says:

    I have the talking viewmaster set that the Snoopy frame came from. And i agree, the Dracula one is awesome.

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great post Vic!
    So very glad the impressive models that lept out of those tiny frames and into my eyes get their share of exposure, today.

    From Bugs Bunny, to Snoopy and the gang and the Flintstones, seeing my cartoon buddies in 3D was a treat that never stopped being impressive.

    I still have my Viewmaster reels and a few (non-talkie) viewers as well as the projector, which is good to see these frames on a bigger scale, but sorely lacks the dimensional treatment.

    I’d also love to see the Viewmaster Dracula in photos or, as mentioned, in full animated form.

    It’s not surprising to find Viewmasters still sold in hobby stores around here.
    I wish them continued success (and loads of new reels).

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