Oklahoma Video Game Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The 11th Annual Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) is set to take place this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you’re within a day’s drive of Tulsa, Oklahoma, you should definitely come by and check out the show!

After attending the debut OVGE show in 2003, I began participating as an exhibitor the following year. Each year I come up with a unique retrogaming theme for my table. In 2004, I set up a “pirate-themed” display and showed off all my old pirate console copiers. These were devices that back in the day allowed people to dump console cartridge games (like Nintendo and Sega) on to floppy disks and play them from those disks.

Last year I dedicated my table to vintage text adventures. I had several old computers including a Commodore 64, an Apple II, a Commodore Amiga, and a couple of DOS machines all running various text adventures. I also gave away free CDs containing hundreds of free text adventures, and had several adventure-related items on display including old books, games, and even a lamp!

I can’t give away too much about my theme for this year’s table but, um … Go Thunder!

If you’re simply coming to check out the show, bring lots of disposable cash. I have purchased everything from old video games and computer games to vintage action figures and Pac-Man memorabilia at previous shows. There are also always vintage arcade games and pinball tables there, all for playing and some for buying.

For more information about this year’s event visit the show’s website: OVGE.com

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