“Weird Al” Yankovic – Eat It

My Weird Al morning continue this week. Today I woke up to and have been enjoying the classic Weird Al album, In 3-D, which as some amazing songs like “I Lost on Jeopardy” and the timeless MJ parody, “Eat It.”


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4 thoughts on ““Weird Al” Yankovic – Eat It

  1. “In 3D” was the first Al album I owned. I think I had “Eat It” (the 45 record) first, and got the album (also on vinyl) soon afterward. I later had Dare to be Stupid (also on vinyl) and a couple others before moving on to CDs.

    I like the earlier Al albums more than the newer ones, probably because I enjoyed the source material of the parodies more. Two of my favorite songs from In 3D were Midnight Star and the Theme from Rocky XIII.

  2. Drahken says:

    Never had the album and (to the best of my knowledge) never heard any of the other songs on it, but I loved eat it.

  3. In 3-D was one of the best if not *the* best Al album. “Midnight Star” and “Eat It” were standout tracks but the entire album is really top-notch for songs you’re going to walk away singing later to yourself.

    Given the movie industry’s current craze of all things 3-D, I think Al should re-release this puppy with an extra parody or two of then-hits.

  4. I have over time made the move to buying mp3s instead of full albums, but Weird Al is one a handful of artist who I will still go out and buy the album from on day 1.

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