Q*Bert And The Gang Have Hit Hard Times In Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph - Q*Bert - Facebook
As mentioned a couple of days ago, Wreck-It Ralph looks to be something of a Love Letter to video games, especially 80s gaming icons. But it’s not all quarters and extra lives as can be seen in that photo up above, Q*Bert and the gang have a sign that reads ‘Game Unplugged. Please Help!’.

The photo above is from the Wreck-It Ralph Facebook Page, click on the link to see it a bit larger and as Angela pointed out on Wednesday, the Power Sockets have the name of the games they belong to. We can see Pac-Man and Burgertime in the upper right hand corner. This photo also show us Chun-Li walking next to Zangief down the stairs. Something tells me we will all have to watch this film twice just to catch all of the characters they’ve stuffed in there!


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