Home Touch Computing Way Back in 1983?

The HP-150 was a “compact, powerful and innovative” computer made by Hewlett-Packard in 1983 and was one of the world’s earliest commercialized touch screen computers. The machine was MS-DOS compatible a customized MS-DOS versions 2.01, 2.11 and 3.20 were available.

The screen is not a touch screen in the modern sense but a CRT screen surrounded by infrared emitters and detectors which detect the position of anything you put in front of them. In the original use of this tech, sometimes the holes would get filled with dust, which would cause the touch tech to fail until you got in there with a vac and cleaned the holes.

Here you see this early tech being demonstrated on this 1983 episode of the groundbreaking tech show, the Computer Chronicles.


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2 thoughts on “Home Touch Computing Way Back in 1983?

  1. The HP-150 was the first computer I really _used_. My dad brought one home from work, and that was the family computer for several years. The touch-screen technology worked reasonably well, I remember playing a touch-capable version of Temple of Apshai to death on that machine, but started to wig out after a long-haired cat rubbed across the screen. It was never the same after that. Still, lots of great memories with that machine.

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