Give Neon Maniacs a Chance

Give Neon Maniacs a Chance

Last night I was trying to figure out what to watch, thumbing through my movie collection, when I stumbled up Neon Maniacs. I had not seen the movie in a couple of years and thought I would watch it again. Back in the early 2000s, I picked it up purely out of nostalgia. A friend of mine who was a horror fiend owned it on VHS in the late 1980s and it was in frequent rotation at his house during his first month of ownership.

I bought the dvd at some superstore, I watched it once and remembered, “oh yeah”, and put it away. Unimpressed is how I would describe my reaction to it, but I thought I would go in again last night with as fresh of a perspective as a I could muster.

So…here is what I got.

The acting is pretty terrible. The script is…meh. The costuming borders on ludicrous. Now that those distractions are out of the way let me tell you what I liked this time around.

– It was filmed in the Bay Area. As a former resident it was fun to see locations I could identify.

– The music and look and feel is pure 1980s (what is not to love about that!).

– I am now in love with the idea of a large group of murdering maniacs that cover all the bases of how to kill teenagers. Why just have one maniac who can kill you twelve different ways, when you can have twelves, who can only kill you one way. Just think of what a relief it would be to be chased by say “Hangman”, when suddenly he drops his rope into an open sewer. As long as his arms cannot reach the rope, your free and clear. But look behind you it is Axe!!!

If this all sounds silly to you you, then you are not going to love my next idea. Neon Maniacs action figures. Collect all 12!

For more info about Neon Maniacs — Check out Daniel Th1rte3n’s full write up of the film.

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  1. I’ve said the before but I really need to get my hands on a copy of this DVD, even if everything else in the movie is subpar I like the Maniacs.

  2. @Daniel — You know when I picked the DVD up, I kept wondering why the movie was stuck in my head lately. You got it into my brain. well done.

  3. That’s what I do, I suggest movies to people that no other human being ever would!! I’m glad you found stuff to dig about it! Oh, and btw…a series of action figures based on these characters would be amazing!!!

  4. I loved this movie when I saw it on Saturday Nightmares in Ohio. I love it even more now that I live in San Francisco.

  5. Saw the VHS cover countless times back in the glory days.
    Got burned a few times with genre rip-offs overpopulating the shelves, like Zero Boys

    so I passed on it enough times, it filtered out of my eyeline.

    (btw, the aptly-titled Zero Boys has this Harry Anderson action-clone which made us Night Court fans intrigued at the crossover implication at first, but totally deflated and even resentful by the boring end of it)

    Now, having seen the informative trailer for Neon Maniacs and read Daniel’s convincing write-up (missed it last time around), it’s on my list.

    No, no.
    The *good* list.

  6. @Atari Adventure Square I think you’ll enjoy it…it’s goofy, fun, nonsense with a ton of monsters…the perfect thing to put on, unwind and have a few laughs!

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