Watch the Star Wars Episode of the Muppet Show Online

Do you all remember when Angus McGonagle hosted the Muppet Show? Of course you do, because that is the 4th season episode when some members of the cast of Star Wars crashed on Earth and more specifically into the Muppet Theater. It was a magical night of Star Wars comedy that had Luke, 3P0, R2 and Chewie (sans bandolier) all having a blast with the Muppet Gang.

I own this episode of the Muppet show on DVD (it is worth it), but I was surfing the web last night and stumbled upon the full episode online and felt compelled to watch it again. So here it is for your watching pleasure online (for now) and commercial free.


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4 thoughts on “Watch the Star Wars Episode of the Muppet Show Online

  1. Drahken says:

    I rewatched this ep online about a year ago. The muppet show was always one of my fav shows.

  2. mwentworth says:

    I just watched this one on a three-episode VHS tape I got at a garage sale. Mark Hamill really is underrated as a talented entertainer. The Raquel Welch episode is also on there, and she ain’t half bad either!

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