My Favorite Doctors #2 – The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

I’m back after a brief hiatus with my number two pick.

For many this is “The one” for them. The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

He was my “first” Doctor as it where, the first Doctor I saw on television. The one that hooked me.

What can you say about Tom Baker’s Doctor? That scarf, the hat, the big goofy grin, all iconic. He had the longest run of all of the Doctor’s so far. And to top it off he’s just darn entertaining to watch. Whether it’s offering jelly babies to enemies or being flippant in the face of certain death, Baker’s Doctor always finds a way to bring a smile to my face.

The strange thing about his Doctor is also the most alien of the Doctor’s. At times he comes across as very alien and callous towards those around him. He could also get quite furious with those he saw as foolish, frivolous or evil.

A highlight of Baker’s era for me were the Gothic horror styled stories peppered his run. Stories like “The Robots of Death”, “Pyramids of Mars” and “Terror of the Zygons” are among some of very best of these. No other Doctor can claim more classic stories during their tenure then Baker. “Genesis of the Daleks”, “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” and “Horror of Fang Rock” appear on countless lists of the best Who episodes.

Whilst The Fourth Doctor maybe considered the best, he’s not my favorite, no that title belongs to another.

Professor Brian Oblivion

Part Time Lord. Part '80's horror film. All Nerd. If they made a movie of my life it would be shot on video and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

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