Star Bird – The Amazing Toy Spaceship

My exposure to the Star Bird was limited to one friend who owned it and would pull it out when we played Star Wars. I am not sure what the scale was supposed to be, but we lumped into the starfighter category. It was something like a super bomber to us. With its sound effects and details, not one of us did not want to own it, but ask as I might, I never received one for my b-day or x-mas. Of course that might be because my list was packed with so many other toys.

I believe they released some other toys in this line, maybe another ship, I might have even played with them but none of them were as memorable as the original Bird.


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10 thoughts on “Star Bird – The Amazing Toy Spaceship

  1. I wanted one of these sooooo bad! I dunno why, except maybe it looked like it was a cool cross between a Y-Wing, a rocketship, and a Space:1999 Eagle.

  2. Totoro says:

    I used to have one of these, it was awesome. It really stood up to some rugged play too.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Terrific space toy for Star Wars gameplay.
    I don’t remember seeing this live, but I woulda had a fit to get one if I had.

    I wonder if they could’ve added a figurine cockpit without infringment issues for true SW action?

    And yeah, Mooncity, Space 1999 toys.
    A friend had a large Eagle and it was a beaut.
    ( I had a small die-cast one. It flew along with me quite often)

  4. None of the kids I knew at school had one of these, the only reason I know of it is because in Elementary School our Wood Shop teacher had one on the shelf above his desk. He would award the toy to anyone that designed and successfully built a project that would sell in the arts and crafts fair.

    When I graduated the 6th Grade…it was still there. ;)

  5. This was my favorite toy of them all. So awesome.

    They also came out with a black one that was shorter, lacking the middle shaft, basically. It was not as fine.

  6. ammomojo says:

    I had one of these, but could never remember what it was called. It was one of my favorite toys!

  7. mwentworth says:

    I picked one up a while back, it just needs a new 9v battery clip (I hope that’s all). I need to get on that……….

  8. Howdy, found my way here thanks to 2 Warps To Neptune.

    My parents got me a Star Bird in Christmas of 1980 (I was 10 yrs. old). That thing was freakin’ awesome—incredibly detailed, killer electronic sounds and awesome design. One would think that by default I would have added it to the Star Wars fleet of spacecraft, but I couldn’t quite figure out the scale of the ship. The two detachable black spacecraft on the rear appeared to have tiny cockpits on them, which, when I considered the size of the pilot, would have made the ship freakin’ HUGE. I would even go further and imagine how crazy that custom glass job would have been for the ship’s bridge. Geez!

    Of course, I could have easily passed them off as unmanned drones in order to fit the ship in the Star Wars toy genre, but as detail-oriented as I was, I just couldn’t get over that cockpit detail, so the Star Bird remained in its own universe, which was still full of endless adventure.

  9. Chip Howell says:

    I had one of these as a kid, but never got around to getting the base and the “intruder”, but I didn’t really want the intruder (if I remember correctly, they were able to “interact” and shoot at each other…a hit would disable the engine sounds, but I might be way off the mark on that one.) Anyway, I had the original Starbird, and always pretended it was a part of my battle-fleet composed of Star Wars toys. After seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey (I was still a wee kid, then) I promoted my Starbird to a cruiser sort of ship. (I was a kid, scale didn’t matter). I wish I still had the thing!

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