Remember Big Trak?

Back in the days, toys were complex. They required big brains and plenty of logic. My older brother, who is now a successful electrical engineer, owned a Big Trak by Milton Bradley. Remote controls are for simpletons. Who needs remote control when you can pre-program all the steps prior to setting off on your mission?

I was unable to operate the complex electronic beast at such a young age, but my brother was navigating the device through our hallways and firing imaginary lasers at key targets. I was not yet in grade school at the time so my navigation was sloppy and under my governance, the Big Trak was lost in its mission.

With the right person programming the coordinates, the Big Trak can perform any mission. If our house ever crumbled and my family was trapped inside during the early 80’s, I am sure we could send the Big Trak out with my brother’s young engineering skills to retrieve items from the outside world.

Assuming you pre-plotted everything before the disaster struck.


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