Remember Big Trak?

Remember Big Trak?

Back in the days, toys were complex. They required big brains and plenty of logic. My older brother, who is now a successful electrical engineer, owned a Big Trak by Milton Bradley. Remote controls are for simpletons. Who needs remote control when you can pre-program all the steps prior to setting off on your mission?

I was unable to operate the complex electronic beast at such a young age, but my brother was navigating the device through our hallways and firing imaginary lasers at key targets. I was not yet in grade school at the time so my navigation was sloppy and under my governance, the Big Trak was lost in its mission.

With the right person programming the coordinates, the Big Trak can perform any mission. If our house ever crumbled and my family was trapped inside during the early 80’s, I am sure we could send the Big Trak out with my brother’s young engineering skills to retrieve items from the outside world.

Assuming you pre-plotted everything before the disaster struck.


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  1. I remember Big Trak. We had such great toys in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    At our April 6, 2012 Commodore Computer Club meeting one of our members did a Big Trak Jr. presentation. It was pretty cool. Pictures can be seen here about 6 into the set:

    Now that I think about it, I might have one of the original Big Traks down at my families house buried in the garage. I’ll need to check into that when I go home to visit for the holidays this year.

  2. Another awesome design! Looks a bit like the rover they had on Battlestar Galactica.

  3. I chiefly remember spending all my allowance on the huge number of D-Cell batteries it consumed.

  4. Do commercials even start, “This is…” anymore? I miss that. I also think the kid could have just walked the apple to his dad a lot faster, but that’s just me.

  5. Before long, that apple is gonna become a six-pack.
    And the dog seems sad it can’t bury that robot cat in the yard.

    Other than that, I want one now!
    Sorta reminds me of that transport in Damnation Alley.

  6. BIG TRACK! This is the one toy I cried and cried about because I didn’t get it from “The Clause” one year. Seeing the commercial gave me a lump in the throat. That’s what happened to the end of 1979! I was wondering where it went. I am of to Ebay to resolve my repressed memory.

  7. I spent quite a few hours staring at the Big Track page in the Sears Catalog, I too never received one. Sigh.

    Though for what it’s worth the 1984 arcade in Springfield Missouri has one on display!

  8. I saved a little money – or rather many months of allowance, to purchase a big track at a toy store. I think it was 35 dollars, which was way more than I ever spent up to that time on anything. It wouldn’t go to the right place all the time because it had a bad habit of pulling to one side or the other on long stretches. Kind of like R2-D2 in Star Wars (see blooper reels).

  9. Always wanted one, never got.

    I did something similar to what that kid did in the commercial, but with one of my robots. Some parents react quite stupidly to stuff like that. Like my pops who complained that it was unsanitary to transport stuff like that. Geez. Wonder if that kid got an earful after the cameras stop rolling :P

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