Enjoy Lego? How about Better Blocks?

Lots of block systems have tried to steal the Lego crown over the years, but Better Block sticks in my mind. Probably because at some point I started seeing this commercial, Ad infinitum. I was intrigued by the whole idea of a flexible brick building system and its so called compatibility with the Lego system. What I did not know what that they had some bricks that allowed you to merge with Lego brick, so your hybrid creations where stuck being part Lego and part Better and ever a really fully integrated creation (unless of course I was playing with them wrong).

I started thinking about Better Blocks because of post on the forums called Lego Transport for Ram’s Light Cycle. That put me in the mood to try and make some TRON brick creations and I thought that Better Blocks, with their curve-ability might be just what the doctor ordered. Plus the glow in the dark would be icing on the cake.


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