Scale model of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin

If you grew up watching DuckTales, the money bin that Scrooge McDuck loved to swim in probably looks a little different from the bin you see above. That is because this model is based off the bin as pictured in Scrooge McDuck comics, as drawn by the legendary Carl Barks. The model work is all done to scale and is built “using blueprints created by the great Don Rosa and his friend Dan Shane. The blueprints are a part of the Rosa story “The Beagle Boys Vs. The Money Bin” from 2001. Visit this page to read Rosa’s own words about the blueprints.”

So much detail on this thing its hard to know what is my favorite. The bear traps? The Bullion Bins? Nah, it has to be the piles of cash that I fantasize about swimming through…

For more pics and to see the completed bin inside and out, drop by the Flickr page of Mats Gullikstad.


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