The Book Of Alien And Aliens – Colonial Marine ‘Technical Manual’ Review.

The Book Of Alien And Aliens – Colonial Marine ‘Technical Manual’ Review.

With Ridley Scott’s “return” to the Alien universe he helped to create back in 1979 just a mere five days away it is the perfect time to not only visit the original film but James Cameron’s Sci-Fi Action sequel as well.

Thanks to our friends over at Titan Books you can do just that by getting a behind the scenes glimpse of the making of Ridley Scott’s classic Horror/Sci-Fi film and reading a technical manual for the grunts, no offense, of Aliens.

The Book of Alien was originally published back in 1979 and written by Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross. Thanks to Titan Books it is back in print which allows fans of the film to read interviews from those masterminds that were busy crafting what would turn out to be such a classic film. Ridley Scott, H.R. Giger, Ron Cobb, Dan O’Bannon and many more share their insights on the film they were crafting. The book is also chock full of sets and behind the scenes photos with the cast and crew as well as possessing a huge amount of production illustrations that helped give Alien such weight and believability, a “lived in look” for the film’s universe. The design paintings and film stills throughout the book will show you why Alien took home the Oscar for best Special Effects.

The Book of Alien was released last Wednesday and retails for $14.95 but you can pick it up on Amazon.Com for $10.94!

I used to own the Colonial Marines ‘Technical Manual’ when it was first published back in 1995 though I lost it when I let a friend borrow it and he moved away. Thanks to Titan Books again for getting Lee Brimmicombe-Wood’s book back in print! This book is for anyone that was ever interested in not only the backstory of how the Colonial Marines operated throughout the galaxy but wanted to know more about the equipment that was showcased in James Cameron’s exciting sequel to Alien. The book is filled with detailed schematics from the Colonial Marines, everything from the M56 Smart Gun to the UD-4L ‘Cheyenne’ dropship!

If it was in Aliens it will be talked about in great detail in this ‘Manual’. Furthermore it expands on the film itself by presenting classified transmissions from the Weyland Yutani corporation that I have to assume is considered canon by the filmmakers.

The Colonial Marine ‘Technical Manual’ was also released last Wednesday and you can pick it up for $19.95 or hop over to Amazon.Com and nab it for $11.49!


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