IG-88 Baller by Trist Jones

IG-88 Baller by Trist Jones

I know quite a bit about the Assassin Droid known as IG-88. As I’ve stated before I’ve always been attracted to the Droid characters in the Star Wars films so when we got that brief scene in Empire Strikes Back with Vader giving the rules of the hunt to the assembled bounty hunters…I just had to know more about that particular droid.

Sadly I had to wait a couple of years until the West End Games Role-Playing books came out to learn the backstory of this fearsome Droid. For example I learned that the Empire had outlawed the use of Assassin Droids long before the events of A New Hope due to the very programming that caused them to be such lethal hunters. The Assassin Droid programming allowed them to adapt and outwit their prey and would frequently allow the Droid to evolve even further developing self-awareness which ended up with said Droid turning on their creators and employers. So the fact that IG-88 was still around and even on that bridge during that scene in the Empire Strikes Back pointed to the fact that this particular Droid was good at it’s job.

Then we fans of IG-88 later learned thanks to the ‘Expanded Universe’ stories that it uploaded its consciousness into the data core of the second Death Star during the battle for Endor. So yeah…IG-88 became the second Death Star…ahem. Never mind. Best to forget that. Let’s move on.

What I did not know until Trist Jones over at deviantART was kind enough to share his artwork was that IG-88 also happened to be really good at basketball! I expect an ‘Expanded Universe’ novel will be hitting book shelves shortly.

A huge thanks to Andy Khouri over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this humorous illustration!


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  1. Great backstory on this unique character.

    I still have my IG-88 action figure and he was a great stand-in for Saturn 3 gameplay.
    Though, admittedly, not a lot of that happened.

    Still, Lorne Green’s Adama from the Battlestar Galactica set made a good Kirk Douglas.

  2. Atari Adventure Square, my friend…someday we’ll get together and recreate a Saturn 3 playset. This must be done. :)

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