Things We Miss: Ecto Cooler

On this Things We Miss, we look at the delicious and hardly forgotten HI-C Flavor, Ecto Cooler. Why this has not been brought back is beyond me, but I am hoping for a Ghostbuster 3 just in the hopes that it will get me some new Ecto.

As always, the video format and all that fun stuff is a work in progress. If you have any video or animation skills though and would like to send me some advice or help with anything, please email me at You can subscribe to the Retroist YouTube channel here. More videos from people who are not me should be coming soon to the site, so keep watching.


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3 thoughts on “Things We Miss: Ecto Cooler

  1. Ecto Cooler Ruled! That stuff was delicious such a great memory. Like you, I’m really hoping for a re-release when Ghostbusters 3 comes out not that I plan on watching Ghostbusters 3 (No Louis Tully…no me.) I bet if they brought Ecto Cooler back out they would somehow ruin it and it wouldn’t be the same…but maybe that’s just the grumpy old man in me!

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