Star Wars Desk Accessories

Star Wars Desk Accessories

At work, I’m known as “The Star Wars Guy”. (Actually I’m known as a few other things, but that’s one of the repeatable ones.) Over the past year or two I’ve purchased quite a few Star Wars related desk accessories to demonstrate my love of the (original) movies. Here are a few items I have on display in my work area.

First up is a handy little droid.

This is the R2-D2 USB Hub, available through Amazon for around $35. This R2 unit offers 4 additional USB ports, and has a spot for a power adapter if you need a powered hub. It also has the option of making “R2 noises” every time you plug or unplug anything. Boy do my co-workers love that! And that button labelled “DEMO”? Press that and R2 beeps, blips and whirrs for a full 30 seconds. They really love that button!

Next up is a weapon I’m sure you’re all familiar with.

This USB lightsaber, also available via Amazon, is listed under “lamps” although you certainly wouldn’t want to read a book using it as your only light source. Like R2 it’s USB powered (in fact, mine is plugged into R2!). The lightsaber is removable from the base (it’s rechargable). While it cannot be used to cut anyone (or those cables you see behind it), it is sturdy enough to poke people with to get them to leave your cubicle.

The lightsaber is not the only thing I have defending my space.

Yoda here is actually a USB-powered motion sensor. When properly positioned, Yoda”s lightsaber will light up and he will warn any unwelcome guests to immediately leave the area. He also does this every time you turn your computer on or off, and every time I walk in and out of my cubicle. I’ve been told that, by far, this is the most annoying thing in my immediate work area. Besides me, of course.

If you’re more into the strong and silent type, then perhaps this is for you.

The Boba Fett Bobble Head doesn’t speak. He doesn’t make noise. He doesn’t light up. He just stands there, watching over my area, making sure things don’t get out of control. Because if they do, Vader help him, he will put you in a cargo hold faster than you can say “I know.”

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  1. Hey Flack, no hilariously inappropriate C3PO tape dispenser? You have an aversion to pulling scotch tape from between a droid’s legs?

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