Remember Hostess Choco Bliss?

Remember Hostess Choco Bliss?

I was recently at the grocery store with my wife looking at the snack cakes. I was deciding between Zingers or Ho Hos when the memory hit me of a Hostess product I used to eat in my youth that was so delicious, so different, and so full of chocolate. I could not remember the name of it. I tried to describe what it was to my wife, but our age gap just left her shaking her head and kindly walking me out of the aisle like a confused old man.

I do love retro items but retro food has never really been a trigger for me. I don’t remember what Hubba Bubba tasted like or mixing two kinds of cereal. This, treat on the other hand, began to consume me. I could not remember the name of this heavenly treat.

I knew St. Louis had a Hostess factory because some of the other schools would go on field trips to it but sadly not mine. Was I remembering a test market product and this was not a wide release? Google was letting me down but I guess when you enter “Hostess 80’s chocolate goodness,” you cast a wide net.

I finally remembered the first part of the name- Choco . The second part came pretty quickly afterwards. Then I saw the bad news that the Choco Bliss was gone, gone, gone. I saw a few cooking sites that showed how to make your own, but no other snack cake maker had picked up the ball and put out some other version of it.

Below is what I presume are the only commercials made for this long forgotten treat.


Who knew living in the 80's would lead to writing and podcasting about them 30 years later?

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  1. My teeth are hurting just from watching.

  2. Unfortunately, former Choco-Bliss baker Hostess Brands filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. I will no longer purchase Hostess Choco-Bliss
    or any other Hostess cake or fresh bread product any time soon. Want to know more info concerning Hostess Brands’ recent restructuring plan, go to their corporate site:

  3. Yum, but nothing will beat Chocodiles for me. Us East Coasters can only buy them online now. SO good.

  4. Hostess is still up & running, despite the bankruptcy. They’re still making & marketting their current line of products.

    If you’re saying that you refuse to buy their products because of the layoffs, reduced wages, and the like, you should rethink. If people boycott the company, it’ll go completely under. If it goes completely under, the employees will get precisely nothing.

    Personally, I think one of the reasons hostess is having problems is the fact that their product selection is so extremely limited. You look at the hostess section & you see 3 or 4 products, you turn around to look at the little debbie section, and you see hundreds of products to choose from.

  5. I remember these well. They appeared in the school store, I believe my freshman year maybe 8th, and soon became the goto snack for my friend and I when we needed a chocolate fix.

  6. I have said it before and I will say it again, Hostess only needs to make one move and one move only to be ontop: Bring back the TMNT pudding pie. I would spend at least $10,000 a year on them.

  7. I agree Pups. They should at least try some limited edition releases of retro foods and maybe do a national campaign for chocodiles “for limited times” each year. Build some excitement for the product.

  8. Choco Bliss, I remember I lived in a neighborhood that didn’t have them initially, but my friend at school told me of a store that had drove 15 miles for them been in love with them ever since are they available on line

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