Dragon’s Lair Now Available On XBLA!

Working all weekend has definite disadvantages. I’m not talking about being tired and needing to drink frightening amounts of coffee to stay awake during these long shifts…or missing movies on their opening weekend…I’m referring to how I missed the classic arcade title Dragon’s Lair being released for the Xbox Live Arcade on Friday!

[Via] Digital Leisure’s YouTube Channel

Dragon’s Lair will set you back 800 Microsoft points. Lead on brave adventurer, your quest awaits!


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9 thoughts on “Dragon’s Lair Now Available On XBLA!

  1. Awesome! Have you had a chance to play using the Kinect function yet, Commodore Computer Club? I’ll be sticking to the controller but I wondered how the motion sensor might work.

  2. This is the game that won’t die! First, I played it again for the first time when they put it on DVD 12 years ago.

    Then, I played it again…on my iPhone.

    It’s like Dirk with unlimited lives.

  3. Remember playing Dragon’s Lair at the arcade. Remember it being stupid expensive ($1.00 a play) but very cool…

  4. Josh says:

    I think this might actually be the time I break down and buy a copy so I can finally beat it. It really was too expensive to play – $1.00 per play vs $0.25 for everything else. The Kinect functionality is a good idea since what I’ve heard is the gameplay is really just memorizing the various play options and you can add a little challenge to the game. I wish they would release this with Space Ace too.

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