Party! Pizza Party! Parkers Bros. Slice of Life Board Game

It seems strange now, being an adult, that two simple words ? when used together ? combined to astound us to fits of awesomeness as kids. Those words were: Pizza Party.

Whether a family gathering, a birthday celebration, a classroom reward or whathaveyou, pizza parties were the paramount where food and social function met. (Mr. Charles “Chuck” E. Cheese can attest to this.) So it’s no wonder it was not long before the siblings at Parker Brothers got hip to this phenomenon and created a board game in an attempt to… roll in the dough.

“Pizza Party” was a simple game that played kinda like Memory. There were four game board sections (that could fit together ala pizza pie slices) that made a complete circle. Each “slice” had six cutout sections where little cardboard circle game pieces (think of a precursor to “pogs”) could be filled into. The little game pieces represented four types of toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and green peppers).

Those “toppings” (and their creepy/smiley faces) were placed face-down amid players and you would turn one over on your turn. Depending on which slice of the pie you got, your mission was to collect your six pieces before anyone else. There were also “switch” game pieces which meant you had to trade game boards with your opponent who had the corresponding color (Red – pepperoni, Yellow – mushroom, Green – pepper and Blue? – onion, maybe purple was harder to print).

Perhaps most memorable (or stays-with-you/ earworm annoying) was the completely ’80s television commercials that would run with standard white shirt-red scarf pizza chefs, neon glow sign, kids in wild print shirts and, of course, the rap-inspired jingle. The chorus of the song was shouted: “Party! Pizza Party! Party! Pizza Party!”

Take a look and listen down memory lane:


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