The People vs. George Lucas

Thanks to Star Wars, George Lucas is a household name. But, is he as widely loved as his creation? Not by a long shot. Alexandre O. Philippe has written and directed a fast-paced, amusing documentary which explores Star Wars fans’ response to Lucas’ creation. The focus on the film is the reaction to the Star Wars Special Editions, the Prequels, and even the Holiday Special. As you might guess, fans were not universally appreciative. The documentary interviews dozens of aficionados as well as science fiction luminaries such as David Brin and Neil Gaiman. While the film’s creators seem to side with the fans that the Special Editions didn’t necessarily enhance the movies, they do present a balanced argument as to whether it is the artist’s prerogative to make changes to a finished work. The documentary zips along at a lightning clip, making good use of Star Wars fan film materials. Sadly, I missed this movie in the theater, but it is now available on Netflix streaming. It’s a great way to spend 90 minutes for any Star Wars fan. Especially if you insist that Han shot first.

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