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Super Bug came out in 1977 and was released by Kee Games. The way Kee Games came into being is an interesting story but would take too much time to cover in this article. If you’d like to learn more about it this site here. does a good job explaining it. The short version is Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell got Joe Keenan, a friend of his, to start a company that was subsidized by Atari but appeared to the public as a direct competitor who made clones of Atari’s games. This was done to get around the exclusive deals the distributors demanded from the game manufactures. Kee Games would merge with Atari by the end of 1974 but games were continued to be released under the Kee Games name until about 1978.

Super Bug is a timed single player driving game. You control your Super Bug using a steering wheel, 4 speed shifter and a gas pedal. Your objective is to drive your car as far and as fast as you can within the time given. Of course it’s not really that easy because there are sand pits, oil pools that will case you to skid out of control. There are also other cars parked on the roadway that need to be avoided all while you’re keeping you Super Bug within the boundaries of the road. The game has two different tracks you can drive a novice and an expert course. You really need to keep on your toes on the expert track. It has a lot more turns and more obstacles in the most inopportune places. If you do crash into the side of the road your car will instantly stop and crunch will be displayed alongside your car. For some reason the crunch was one of the things I really remember from playing this game when I was a kid.

Super Bug is not the fastest racing game even for its time but according to KLOV it was the first game with a scrolling playfield so I think it does deserves some props. I don’t believe Super Bug has been ported to any home console. It does kind of remind me of R.C. Pro-Am on the NES but it’s by no means related to that game.


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