The Sky’s The Limit (1943) on DVD

The Sky’s The Limit (1943) on DVD

Oh Warner Archive, you got us dancing again, in the delightful wartime musical, The Sky’s the Limit. The film has legend Fred Astaire finding a new dance partner in Joan Leslie as he portrays an ace with the highly regarded Flying Tigers squad.

On leave in New York City on an eight-day furlough, Fred decides to forego any possible hero worship because of his uniform and dons civilian clothes. It so happens he meets and falls for Joan, a magazine photographer, and sets out to win her heart at all costs. The twist is that Joan is dedicated to the war effort and considers Fred – who is keeping his military role a secret – a n’er-do-well for not displaying any interest. But the pair are interested in each other and manage to set New York awhirl with some great dance numbers before Fred must return to the wartorn skies.

The film is wonderfully improbable escapist war time fantasy. Astaire smooth dance style electrifies the screen whenever the music kicks in as you will see in this preview clip:

This film had not been re-mastered, but they managed to find a good transfer and the sound is crisp and clear. If your a fan of wartime films or Fred Astaire, you are in for a real treat. From start to finish, he dazzles with his actiing ability and lights up the screen with his dancing. So order your copy of The Sky’s The Limit (1943) on DVD today.

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  1. I’ll buy it when I get some mad money, and watch it with my mom.

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