Inch High Private Eye now Available on DVD

It often amazes me how the shows I have really detailed memories of watching had much shorter runs than I assumed. That is especially the case with a lot of Hanna-Barbera Productions. I guess the constant reruns and massive variety of shows they put out confused my young mind. It might also be the toys that I had for some of these shows that lasted a lot longer than the shows. In the case of Inch High Private Eye I had a small gun that I inherited from my sister that shot yellow pellets. I used it as my sneaky spy gun — The action on it was terrible.

You would think I would not be surprised when I read that a show only had 1 season and 13 episodes, but I always think to myself “no way!” That was exactly my reaction when I started watching my copy of Inch High Private Eye (now available from the Warner Archive.)

In this Warner classic Inch High is the diminutive operative of the Finkerton Detective Agency. Literally an inch tall, he stil stands tall against the forces of perfidy, making Saturday mornings safe for all good citizens from the halcyon year of 1973 to today. Ably aided by niece Lori, her hulking boyfriend Gator and his loyal dog Braveheart, Inch High uses his pint-sized stature to foil the most complex and nefarious of schemes. Whether battling Spumoni the Great, Mr. Midas, or King Ra, or teaming up with the likes of Super Flea and Goldie, the world’s greatest goldfish, Inch High’s stalwart heart always shines through despite his picayune stature and sometimes less-than-stellar mental gymnastics.

Junior crime-fighters will find a complete collection of Inch’s adventures spread across this 13-Episode, 2-Disc Collection. Featuring the voice work of Lennie Weinrib (H.R. Pufnstuf) as Inch High and the legendary Don Messick as Braveheart as well as a very memorable theme contributed by the great Hoyt Curtin.

Order your copy from the Warner Archive today or if you prefer to wait a bit longer, you can order the show through Amazon.


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