Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards

I’ve never been a huge collector of trading cards — in fact, the only trading cards I’ve ever owned were Star Wars ones. I never got into collecting sports cards or any of those card games like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering. My son however is a big Pokemon fan and recently purchased a package of clear plastic sleeves to hold all of his cards. After he was done he gave me all of his leftover sheets, so I decided to put them to good use.

These are Star Wars Heritage trading cards. I don’t remember exactly when or where I got them, but I’ve had them for roughly 10 years. I think they came out between the release of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

I’ve had this box, unopened, full of unopened trading cards, sitting on my shelf for a decade. After seeing my son’s Pokemon cards all neatly displayed in a three-ring binder, I decided that I would enjoy these cards a bit more if I (gasp) opened them, and so I did.

As I began opening the packs I discovered a bunch of ten-year-old sticks of gum. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten a stick of gum that came from a pack of trading cards, but they aren’t that good when they’re new, and unlike fine wine, they get worse (not better) with age. With that knowledge, I told my son that if he ate a piece I would post a picture of him on the Retroist. So, here you go, Mason — you earned it.

Four seconds after taking this picture, my son had already spit the gum into a trash can. Kids, man.

While my son was complaining to his mother about his sudden tummy ache, I sorted the rest of the cards into like piles and began inserting them into the plastic sleeves. I don’t have anywhere a near collection for any of these sets, so I just kind of grouped them chronologically. I also put all the landscape ones together and all the portrait ones together, just because I thought they looked better that way.

I liked the way the cards looked so well that I began pulling out some of my other vintage Star Wars cards and putting them in sleeves as well. The original release of Star Wars trading cards were released in five series of 66 cards each, each one with a differently colored border (blue, red, yellow, green, and orange). This is a complete set of orange cards, gifted to me by a previous co-worker of mine (thanks, Joyce!). I love how they look in the plastic sleeves, and I love being able to flip through the pages and look at each one without worrying about bending or damaging the cards.

The only problem now? I’m all out of plastic sleeves!

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  1. I’ve always collected stuff, including cards. I rather mindlessly collected sports cards when I was little (I had no interest nor knowledge about them, but I liked collecting things & collecting sports cards is what boys are “supposed” to do, so…). I also had some ET cards/stickers from when it first came out. I had a massive collection of garbage pail kid cards, a huge collection of cards from the ’89 batman movie, a massive slew of extra stickers from panini sticker albums, a bunch of MtG cards, some TSR/D&D cards, a set of star wars (episode 1, I think) gaming cards, some legend of the 5 rings (or something like that) cards, some gundam SD TCG cards, some knights of the zodiac TCG cards, and some other random cards. Unfortunately I no longer have my GPK cards, batman cards, ET cards, nor panini stickers.

  2. @Flack Great post! I…I’m not sure I could have made your Son eat that gum. Ha, Ha. ;)

    @Drahken I thankfully still have my Batman cards but I’m glad you brought up the awesome line of Panini stickers, my first set of those were from Marvel Comics Secret War line. I still have some of those stuck on my Grandmother’s closet door…if I remember correctly they are Yellowjacket and Ka-Zar attacking the villainous Klaw.

  3. I recently opened another set of cards from a classic 80s movie. I’ll be posting about those next week, in conjunction with a giveaway. Stay tuned!

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