Mr T Fashion Show

Mr. T Fashion Show

Mr T Fashion Show

Mr. T, as always, has a healthy message for the kids. Why spend all your money trying to look like everyone else? Instead why not make your own fashions? Sadly “Table the Label” never really caught on nationwide, despite the hard fought efforts of Zena AND Xena. Heck, not even Martika of Toy Soldiers fame, who is a real hot dog in her mustard socks and ketchup sash is able to break our addiction of fancy fashion labels.

This video is a real gem for 80s lover. In just under 4 minutes, it features almost everything that made the 1980s great. You have the music, the fashions, the dancing, a pop star and of course…Mr. T. So quit your jibber jabber and table that label.

[via] urbanconfederate


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