Forgotten TV: Three for the Road

Throughout most of the 1970s, CBS had been synonymous with outstanding, groundbreaking, critically acclaimed comedies and dramas, but this short-lived hour-long effort was an unlikely one, Three for the Road. It debuted in 1975 and Alex Rocco was its star. Unlike Route 66, T4TR followed the exploits of widower Pate Karass, whose wife had been killed prior to beginning his cross-country, across-the-country journey by motorhome. In each episode of the MTM Enterprises production, Karass and his dueling teenage sons set out traveling in their own motor home nicknamed “Zebec.”

Twists, turns and detours await on their numerous nationwide assignments of taking photographs of famous landmarks, major cities and natural surroundings. Three for the Road remains on of the lowest rated television series in Tiffany Network history.

T4TR was telecast by CBS from September 1975 to October 1975, but had trouble finding an audience. It didn’t help that the Tiffany Network wanted the series to be family friendlier then ABC’s Irwin Allen-adapted Swiss Family Robinson.

Here is the intro to this now largely overlooked show.

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  1. My older sister LOVED this show, and I watched it only a couple of times. If this came out on DVD, I know what I’d get her for Christmas.

  2. This was one of my favorite shows of the 70’s . Although it’s true that it never really found an audience, I don’t think it was ever given a fair chance. Placed in competition with Swiss Family Robinson and Wonderful World of Disney on a Sunday evening, it was doomed to fail. A large portion of the family-friendly audience they aimed for were in church on Sunday evenings. And to try and steal an audience from two well established shows in an already narrow demographic would have been a challenge for any franchise. The sad fact is that CBS ended the series without giving it a chance in another time slot. I think the show would have appealed to a weeknight audience. But we’ll never know. And the likelihood of T4TR ever being released to DVD is remote because of that fact. And that is a loss. I would definitely buy the series.

  3. Please put this show on DVD ON DEMAND . I’ll buy my copy.

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