Comedy Central’s Small Doses

Comedy Central’s revolutionary original primetime series features eight rotating segments depicting a different mini-episode each week. Produced in 1994 by
Viacom Productions (now CBS Television Studios), Small Doses gave COMEDY CENTRAL viewers a choice of mini-sitcoms featuring some of the most acclaimed improvisational stand-up comedians ever to appear on television – Laura Kightlinger, Blaine Capatch, John Mulrooney, Tim Allen, Patton Oswalt and more. Here are some of the segments that made up Small Doses:


A fictitious team of comic law enforcers devoted to detecting crime was the theme of Midtown North, a SD segment starring John Mulrooney and Patty Ross.
In each episode, the Midtown North team completed certain investigations and discussed who was the suspect – and broke the N.Y.P.D. Blue barrier with comedic results. For the officers of the Midtown North Precinct of the N.Y.P.D., humor never interrogated so good once COMEDY CENTRAL viewers caught Mulrooney in his highly controversial high jinks ever!


The Small Doses parody of natural-history documenary programs, hosted by Peter Gaulke himself, was the basis for the 2008 Paramount Pictures film of the same title. In each episode, Gaulke traveled to wild and exciting areas where animals were the king of the jungle – on land and in the water.

A Small Doses exclusive! Before he rose to stardom as a critically acclaimed star of films such as Wild Hogs, The Santa Clause and the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the 1995 CGI-animated motion picture Toy Story, Home Improvement’s Tim Allen told the story of a comedian with an obsession for D-I-Y projects and his ambitions to become the toughtest man in the home who can tackle any task.

The People Next Door
The trials and tribulations of extraordinary people attempting to win their hearts and their minds. Starring a pre-Beat the Geeks Blaine Capatch.

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