Sea Wolf by Midway

Sea Wolf by Midway

Sea Wolf is one of my favorite games and the first arcade I remember playing. It was released by Midway in 1976 and was based on two earlier Electro-Mechanical games called Sea Devil and Sea Raiders. I have to say Midway really knew how to dress up these early games. The whole cabinet is covered in an underwater motif complete with submarines. It even had a step built into the bottom of the cabinet that could be pulled out and used by children. Like my last game, Blue Shark, Sea Wolf could also be categorized as a shooting gallery game. The game has a periscope mounted to the front of it that you can turn left and right and use to aim and shoot at the passing boats. Once again I made a video of mine in action. The sounds from this game are very memorable to me.

The object of the game is to sink as many enemy boats as you can in a limited amount of time. You can fire 4 torpedoes before you have to pause and reload which takes a few seconds. There are three types of boats: the freighter worth 100 points, the warship worth 300 points and the smaller quicker PT boats worth 700 points. You must avoid the mines that float below the boats and get in your way. You don’t lose any points for hitting them but you don’t receive any either. If you reach a determined score you will receive an extended time bonus and will give you 20 seconds to try and get more points. The game time and extended time bonus are set by the operator of the game but the suggested factory settings are 60 seconds for the game length and 4000 for the time bonus.

Sea Wolf was pretty popular and they made quite a few so they are out there and hopefully you get a chance to play one. Keep an eye out for local arcade shows that will be your best chance. It was also ported to a few home systems like the Bally Astrocade, the Commodore 64 and Atari 8 bit family. Of course none of these used the periscope you just move your sub left and right at the bottom of the screen but the game play is close. Recently a redemption version of the game with updated graphics became available in the arcades.


I'm a kid of the 70's and 80's. Grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Atari and Music Videos. My current hobby is repairing arcade games, mostly from the 70's and trying to find space to put them.

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  1. I have always loved the art on this cabinet.

  2. I remember this as one the the very first arcade games I ever played (along with Stunt Cycle – dont know which one I played first for sure) and would love to find one for my home arcade.

  3. I miss the old B&W classics-Sprint games. Night Driver, 260Zzap?

  4. Yeah I really like the look of this one too. Space Invaders, Sea Wolf and the sit down version of Night Driver are the cabinets that I really remember. Sea Wolf also seems to be popular with everyone, adults and kids alike.

  5. I’d forgot about the footstep.
    It was probably the reason I could manage to play and enjoy it so much as a still-growing gamer.

    Terrific video presentation of the cabinet!
    I didn’t know so much extra lighting action went on in there.
    Certainly added to the thrills of manning a sub.

    Makes me wanna seek out a functional cabinet.
    I wouldn’t need the footstep anymore.

  6. I actually saw this in the wild a few months back at Alton Towers (a theme park here in the UK) and I pumped quite a few coins in it before I moved on still as immersive as it ever was!

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